A few days ago I shared my recent talk on Blogging on a Mission. I shared that more than 2 billion 4 hundred million people are within the reach of your keyboard and I urged you not to miss out on what an incredible opportunity that is to share the gospel with parts of the world you might never reach otherwise.

During my session at the Christian Creative Collective, I briefly mentioned that while I do try to share my love and passion for Christ, that's not ALL I post about!  Big heavy this-is-what-the-Lord-is-teaching-me posts are great. But they are also going to draw a certain crowd (i.e.: the Christian one!)

Here's the thing: I blog about Jesus, yes. But I also blog about fashion. And cooking. And party planning. And blogging. And piñatas. (yes, I really blogged about a piñata one time.) And do you know what 95% of those posts have in common? They don't mention Jesus. At least not directly.

I love to write recipes. I love to share photos from the most recent party I threw. I love/hate fashion posts - they can be awkward and fun but mostly awkward!

Writing about other things you're passionate about is GOOD!

Because you know what those posts do? They draw in a crowd that might not normally find their way into your space.

Did you know that God isn't mentioned one single time in the book of Esther?

As a believer, you can see His hand throughout the story. He is interwoven throughout the book and through their lives. You can see His provision. You can see His protection. You can see His plan.

And that's exactly what I hope people see when they find one of my recipes on Pinterest or Google search recent Stitchfix outfits.  I hope that, while I may not mention God in that particular post, He's seen. All over me. All over my space.

I want His presence to be exactly that: present.

How do you find the balance of using your online voice to "be a voice in the wilderness (or the internet,) saying  'make straight the way for the Lord!'" (John 1:23) while also reaching a broad audience?