A little backstory: On a weekly basis, our lives consists of us going back and forth between living in two different countries. We live half the week in Mexico where we serve as missionaries. The other half of the week we live/work in Texas. My husband is a pharmacist and other than keeping my personal blog, I also offer blog design and have a print shop.

In Mexico, our days consist of playing with and caring for 20 to 30 kids at a time, running people to the doctor (we're one of the very few families in our village with a car), making photocopies (again, only ones with a printer), distributing beans and rice and more diapers than you can imagine, searching through donations for school shoes and supplies for the most recent homework assignments for said 20-30 kids, re-filling water drums on the roof of the bathroom so we can flush the toilets and take showers, visiting with the neighbors, eating together, and really living life with the people around us. 

In Texas, Wade spends his days at work while I'm catching up on laundry, grocery shopping and meal planning for the next week, keeping house, running through songs for that coming Sunday, going to band rehearsal, working with blog design clients, trying to find time to write a few posts for my own blog, and keeping any other commitments I might have made (this week I'm writing a devotion for a youth camp, working on a post for my church's blog & prepping for my talk on Blogging and Design for the sake of Mission for an upcoming day-conference called the Christian Creatives Collective.")  Not to mention date nights (super important) and investing in our community stateside as well. 

Needless to say, it's full. And great. And I love it. But this summer has kind of thrown me for a loop. We've got groups that will be coming in to build houses in Mexico, and while I have taken a few steps to prevent total over-haul, the busy season snuck up on me a little faster than I anticipated. I've fallen behind on a few deadlines, not been cooking as much, and am struggling to find the time and inspiration for my own blogging space. So, this post is for me. 

Excuse me while I write some tips to help myself out:

Seriously, don't. Start each day with the Lord. You won't get through it with grace any other way. Those 30 minutes will not take time out of your day. They will actually do the opposite and make your day so much more productive.

Or at least turn off the notifications. Yes, I realize this sounds insane. But I think it will help. Remember those emails you opened on your phone from those design clients? What about that girl who reached out for prayer? Yeah, I know you don't. That's exactly why you should wait until you're at your desk with pen and paper in hand to jot down those reminders/requests. Otherwise you'll find those emails a month later when you're clearing out your inbox. guilty.

You've had some good ones lately (if I do say so myself *wink*). You've got some fun goals and ideas for your blog and ministry, but there is no reason to rush it. Slow down, think about the ideas/projects/goals and let them soak a bit. Don't forget about them. Keep them in mind.

I'm willing to bet that taking things slowly and having a bit of intentionality will actually help your ideas become stronger and more successful.

Instead of 5 design clients a month, lets take it down to 2 or 3 -- just for the summer while you host groups and are traveling to see family. I know you don't like telling people that you don't have any design openings until August, but it's really what's best for everyone. Nothing hurts creativity like burnout.

Think through opportunities that take up a significant portion of your time. No one will mind if you answer with, "can I pray about that?" or "I'll need some time to think about it."  Stop worrying that you'll let people down if you don't say yes right away.

Sometimes I think having fun is the reason I find myself getting a bit behind! I have been having a lot of fun lately with our trip to San Antonio and we've spending a lot of time with friends or going on dates and playing with the kids in our village.

Don't stop doing these things, Kerrie!  You can't pour yourself out to others if you're not being filled as well. It might be tempting to say no to the fun stuff, but don't. Just don't. Put down the computer and catch a movie with your guy. Leave the sweeping for later and jump on the trampoline with the kids. It will give you the energy you need to finish even the most mundane of tasks.