Summer. Busy season. It's here!  

We get a ton of groups coming through in the summer (almost every week with less than a 24 hour turn over!) to build houses/run medical clinics/host vacation Bible schools etc. 

I've been prepping: staying on top of laundry, trying not to let the house go, and finalizing blog designs because when the groups get here, I want to be there for all of it!  From the first day when some of the groups meet our neighbors for the first time or when returning groups reunite with old friends to the last day when we dedicate a new home to a family in need. I'm excited to wake up early and start painting wood boards and to stay up late hearing team member testimonies.

I say all this to say, sitting down to write in this space will be a bit of a challenge. I love a challenge so don't expect total radio silence over here, but I still want to share all that's happening with the teams as well as start sharing more ideas for how to live your life on a mission!

So, I created a second instagram account!

I've been thinking and praying about this account for a while and have hopes of it being a sort of mini-blog. Yes, it will likely be Mexico-centric but I also want to focus on living your life on a mission in other areas of your life: marriage, community, online, etc as well as highlighting others who are living their lives on a mission where they are at!

I want it to be a place of encouragement and ideas and inspiration. Won't you join me? Follow @lifeonamission on instagram and use the hashtag #lifeonamission so that I can follow along with you as well and showcase your journey to live your life on a mission to make much of Jesus. Let's do this thing together!

Whew. I said "live your life on a mission" a LOT in this post.

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