You'd think of all holidays, the 4th of July would be one where my feet were planted on American soil. Well, not this year!  We did plan on getting back stateside for the annual city fireworks, but in typical Mexico fashion, the scheduled events of the day were scheduled VERY flexibly. We did get to see the fireworks on our drive back across the border, so there's that.

Our day started with a trip to a little market in Mexico with a mission team who had just completed a week of house building, gospel sharing, and relationship building. Going to the market on the last day is tradition. After they left for their trek back to Alabama, we local missionaries headed back to our little colonia for the elementary school's graduation. It was supposed to start at 4. It started at six. Typical. ;) Needless to say, we had a little time to kill. What better way to do so than dancing in the street?

Soon, darling little princesses in their graduation gowns began to arrive. I've been to a few graduations here in Mexico but I have never seen the girls go all out like this! They were adorable!

Once the ceremony began, we watched several of our kids perform dances with their classes, lead the pledge, and walk across the stage to receive their graduation diplomas and top of class honors.

The post graduation ceremonies were by far my favorite part. It's tradition in Mexico for each graduate to have "Padrinos."  Padrinos are sponsors for different pieces of the graduation. This year we were honored to be the padrinos to three graduates. For Dulce (the adorable girl posted above to the right) we were the padrinos of her ring. Wade got to present it to her. For Rigo and Chuy (two brothers, one above left and one below) we were the padrinos of their graduation outfits. Picking out these items for them was so much fun.

As an added surprise, I also had the honor of presenting rings to Rigo and Chuy in lieu of the padrinos of the rings who couldn't make it.

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