You know what's awesome about living in the Rio Grande Valley? The beach is only an hour away. AN HOUR. I grew up a stones throw from the beach in Florida, but then I moved to the landlocked territory of North Alabama (for a boy - good thing that worked out! ;) where the closest thing I had to  a beach was a lake and sand that they called "Redneck Beach."  

The name didn't lie.

Now, I want to go to the beach any free day we have. So you can imagine my excitement when Wade's boss hosted his employees for a weekend on the water, including a fishing tournament!

Sadly, we didn't win. (How we came back with two fish and the other boats came back with 20 I'll never know.) But, we did get some fun photos!

You know you take a lot of photos when the boat guide asks if you're newlyweds. Nope. 5 years people. And we've still got it ;)