We got a puppy :)

Her name is Osa (she bear) or Osita (little she bear) and she truly couldn't have come to us at a better time. She was given to us out of the blue and has been a great source of joy and fun these last few weeks!

This has been an emotional summer. These past two months have been all about passports and visas and schools and US consulates and paperwork and visa denials... a lot of disappointment and a lot of hope, many tears and countless hours spent in the car traveling from one appointment to the next.

I'm exhausted. Both physically and emotionally.

Last I left off, I was coming off of a hard week. It then turned into another hard 20 days making that one full hard month. We've applied for student visas a total of 4 times with 3 1/2 denials. One of these days I'll try to come up with a timeline. But honestly, I think it would only be full of complaints which really doesn't do any good.

As of right now, one of our boys has been denied his student visa once and the other has been denied twice and the third time was asked for more information about us. We were so relieved it wasn't a no, even though it's not quite a yes. We are going back to the consulate on Tuesday in hopes of finally obtaining two student visas for these boys. Our deadline is Friday because at that point, they will have been two full weeks behind at school.

Each consulate visit, we have encountered a different problem, which has made it really hard to find a solution. This last attempt, they asked for proof that we are who we say we are (i.e.: Missionaries) because they can't understand why we would want to host these boys and take on such a responsibility. I get it. The only answer I can give them is Jesus. My prayer is that this will be an opportunity for gospel conversation to happen in the US Consulate.

The boy who was denied last week was simply told: "hoy no" (Not today) which, as you can imagine, is pretty frustrating!

To help keep the boys from getting too far behind, I've been getting lesson plans from their teachers and holding "class" each day in Mexico. I actually have three students, as one of their friends is waiting on a paper he needs to enroll in his own school in Mexico. I always said I would NEVER homeschool because I didn't think I was capable to teach but, as it turns out, Ive really enjoyed it.

We're hopeful that the boys will be joining us and starting their real classes by the end of this week. If it doesn't work out, they will start back to school in Mexico.

One thing I know about all is this: God is Sovereign. He has been bringing that exact phrase to my attention these past few weeks. Through sermons, songs, bible studies, and conversations. Those exact words: God is Sovereign. He is sovereign over the lives of these boys, their families, us, and the officials. He loves those boys more than we ever could. More than their families ever could. We can trust in that.

Keep us in your prayers! We have a big week ahead of us and it will surely be a trying one. Pray for rest, peace, confidence, and grace. Thank you!