Aren't those flowers lovely?    


I feel more calm already.
(ok that's a lie. I haven't been calm in weeks.)

Last week was emotional. I shared here about this amazing possibly life-changing event and then the next day we hit a big fat wall. Or, that's how it appeared at the time. Now that I'm a few days past, I can see that it wasn't quite a large as I thought. Sure, it was a delay, but even so the Lord is showing me that there is still time. As of right now, we have one boy with his passport and the other will hopefully have his by the end of the week. The craziness that this process has entailed has truly been unbelievable.

BUT. We're trekking along. Once both boys have their passports secured, we will go for the school visa and that will be the final step. Whew. I've been consumed. The boys are all I think about: they'll need this in their room or this and that for school, How can I cook healthy food that the boys will like? What do I send in their lunch box? What if they are scared at school? Or picked on? What if they get frustrated by the language difference? How can I ensure that they feel encouraged and driven? How long will it be until they know enough English/I know enough spanish to really teach them gospel?

Add that to the fact that I was raised in a house full of girls and know next to NOTHING about boys...I'm clueless here.

I'm also really excited. Like really really excited. I'm excited to be more involved in their lives and in the lives of their families. I'm excited to build a deeper bond with their mothers and with Wade, as we will definitely face struggles together (one of the boys is already a teenager and I hear it's inevitable ;)

Pictured: an instagram shot I shared after a particularly difficult day | A happy selfie after hearing the youngest boy got approved for his passport!! | Pallet art from my friends at Buffalo Union. Such a beautiful reminder to me.

On a side note: Private school is expensive. Did you know? I didn't. As are passport/visa fees. As are school supplies (what?!) SO, I'm going to be doing a bit of fundraising in the coming weeks. Join me on instagram @kerrielwilliams and @lifeonamission for an instagram sale on my scripture prints, coming soon! You can also donate via paypal at if you prefer, but you might as well get a print out of it!

Honesty time: I don't like asking for money if it is AT ALL related to us. And even though all donations would technically go directly to the school and be for the boys, I feel weird that I just put our paypal address out there. I'm trying to be a little bit more humble in admitting that this new life will be a bit of a challenge, financially. But, there it is. 

We also want to say how thankful we are to the overflowing excitement, support and prayers we received from you all after sharing last week! We would love your continued prayers for these boys and us and their families in this time of transition.