shirt // Sevenly for Mocha Club.  Fun fact: a group of "our kids" from the village passed by on the upper road while taking these photos, so this "look off to the side and smile" was totally real. As in I was real embarrassed. hah! Um, hey guys! Don't mind me; just taking some photos...

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I've been a tad quite on the interspaces lately, primarily here on the blog. See, the thing is, when I write, I write about what I'm experiencing in that moment. So when life changes super suddenly and I'm not quite sure how to put it into words, I wait. 

This is my attempt to share the fun, scary, vulnerable and awesome thing happening in our lives right now. Now if I could just figure out where to start.

Eleven months ago, my husband and I moved to the Rio Grande Valley where we split time between living/working in Texas and living across the border in a small, poor colonia. This is the same colonia where we first met almost 8 years ago. It's a special place for us.  A place where God has done significant things in our lives: from meeting one another and falling in love to suffering a miscarriage. This colonia has been an epicenter for things both good and difficult.

As you might have noticed, we have a wonderful group of kids in our colonia whom we've had the privilege of watching grow up over the past eight years, and even more so since we've been living here. It's been a long-running topic of conversation that several of the children, two boys in particular, want to go to school in the USA and live with us in "Alabama" (even though we live in Texas now.) 

It's been said and joked about and often wished for, but when this summer approached, things got real. Both boy's mothers approached us, asking us if we would truly considering hosting their sons so that they could have the chance at a better education. We told them we would look into it and see if something like that is even possible, and three weeks later we had two boys enrolled in a Texas private school. Whoa.

There has been a ton of paper work and appointments and checks written as we pursue this possibility which is super scary and stressful and, well, exciting! I currently have a stack of boy's uniforms on my dining room table and the boys are working on passports and school visas and I'm pinning "how to pack a school lunch" and talking to lawyers and life has just gotten crazy! Crazy good. And crazy CRAZY.

I now know what "nesting" feels like (the bedrooms have a fresh coat of paint) but I'm also working to guard my heart and theirs should everything just totally fall through. They are so excited, as are we, but I can't help but want to guard us all from disappointment. That, above all, is what has really kept me from sharing. It's scary to share something that's not yet 100%. So, for now, I'm sharing this much. No photos, not yet. Not until it's all lined up legally (much like an adoption I imagine) but I do want to make note of everything God is doing in our lives and this is by far the biggest thing in a while. 

Here are some of the FAQs we've already received:
Will the boys live with you? Yes. We will be staying in Texas during the week so we can take the boys to school and pick them up, help them with homework, give them private tutoring, etc. What is wonderful is that we are so close the the border and will be going back to the colonia most weekends so they can see their families and we can continue ministry there as well. 

Do they speak English? Nope! But they will have to learn, fast! They actually do know a little and we are able to communicate with them just fine, but their schooling will be in English. We've got some plans to help them along.

Are they brothers? No. They are best friends though, even though there are three years between them. They are at our house in Mexico every minute we are there and often stay the night. Their parents are friends of ours and are the ones to approached us about this, so we have their full support.

Something I love so much about the Mexican community is how they work together to raise their children and how they truly live in community. They watch out for each other in a way that is almost lost in the states. We are excited to join in and do what we can to give these boys opportunities that they might not have otherwise. We've still got a lot of details to iron out so we would so appreciate your prayers as we continue to the process!