School is well under way for PeeWee and we are loving this new routine! We hoped on Friday that we would be bringing Cristian back to join us, but were sadly met with another frustrating "no" from the consulate. It's so heavy and emotional. Leaving him Friday afternoon with the jarring realization that this might not happen for him this year and crossing back to greet PeeWee as he finished out his first week of school was bittersweet. I'm both mourning for Cristian's disappointment and pain and celebrating this new life for PeeWee and for us as well.

As I led worship on Sunday, I couldn't keep the tears at bay. I was overcome with the truth of God's goodness, regardless of my personal circumstance. God's goodness doesn't change. Whether the blessings of pouring and we haven't a care in the world or we feel like the world is crashing down around us, He is good and worthy of our worship.

We have a glimmer of hope for Cristian in that we were able to change a form that at the very least will stop them from using the same reason for denial. My experience with the system tells me that they can very possibly give a new reason, but we won't give up without a fight. We've been told by everyone (officials, etc) not to apply again this year after this next attempt. So, tomorrow (Tuesday) Wade will be taking Cristian to his final visa appointment while I take PeeWee to and from school. Please continue to pray with us!

Here are a few photos from our first week with PeeWee:

Left to Right: Swimming with some friends; PeeWee visiting his sister at her boarding school in a nearby city (also, below); and his drawing from Sunday school.  He was asked to write something that God has done for him and he wrote simply "He changed my life." (Cue tears!)  He's changed our lives too, P! We couldn't be more happy to have you here during the week, to be able to help you learn, to feed you and take you to experience American pastimes (like the high school football game, pictured below). We so hope Cristian can join us soon!