Welcome to one of the craziest and most fun seasons of my life (which has semi-resulted in one of the quieter seasons on my blog.)  I'm Kerrie and my husband and I moved to the Mexico border just over a year ago. Why? Well, because we consistently found ourselves being tempted by the American dream, and then God would be like, I have so much more to offer! So, we followed His lead and it took us to the Mexican city where we first met 8 years ago.

Here we are a year later and all of the sudden our ministry has turned into a family of sorts in that we now have two boys from Mexico living with us on the state-side of the border while they attend school on a Student Visa. It's crazy and fun and was a heck of a journey getting here. You can read about that more on some recent blog posts I've shared.

I'm now gearing up to attend my 3rd Influence Conference and am so pumped to spend a weekend with "my people."

What Am I Looking Forward To? Going with the flow! But really, not having a plan and just finding a crew to go out with for dinner or coffee and unexpected lobby conversations turned out to be some of my favorite moments from the last two conferences. Also, being filled and taught. This has been a summer of pouring and I'm looking forward to doing a lot of sitting and listening and refreshing.

What Will I Not be Leaving Home Without? You can be sure I'll be walking around with my real camera, even though it's super heavy. I never regret the photos I come home with. I'll also be lugging around my laptop. (I know, I do the opposite of what everyone tells you to do!) I'm just not a pen and paper gal and I like to take a lot of notes in the sessions.

I can't wait to see your faces at the conference next week! Until then, here is a photo of me in Mexico. You know, just normal everyday holding-a-duck fun ;) I'll probably be a little more dressed up at the conference. *duck will not be attending. sad.

You can find me on instagram at @kerrielwilliams as well!

this post is part of a link up with the influence network. if you are attending the conference, i'd love to know!