Yesterday, after 2 visa denials and one "maybe" PeeWee was finally granted his student visa! It literally was a miracle. Yet, he's here sitting on my couch, peeking over my shoulder and asking, "who is that? Oh! It's me!"

We drove across the border and arrived home at about 7pm and today he had his first day of school! Talk about big changes! New country, new house, new school, new language. Yet he took it all in stride.

I'm so thankful Wade was off today so that we could both take him into school and show him around. We stopped in the hall and prayed for his first day. We prayed that Cristian would soon be joining him, we left him with his teacher, and tearfully walked out of the school. LITERALLY I cried a little which totally surprised me. I told Wade an hour later that all I wanted to do was sneak into the school and look through the window into his classroom and see how he was doing!

BUT I didn't ;)  Instead I waited until 3 o'clock for him to run out to my car where he then told me all about his first day. All the way home I heard about his wonderful day, how he really liked it, how he made three friends and drank from the water fountain 4 times (hah!)  He also keeps mentioning how he looks forward and hopes that Cristian will soon be joining.

Unfortunately, Cristian was given his second "no." It was hard to watch his tears as he exited the consulate office yesterday. He wants this so badly. In fact, it was him who initiated the whole thing.

We will be going back to the Consulate on Friday for Cristians' final attempt. At that point he will have already missed two weeks of school. Please pray!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us so far! We are so excited to have PeeWee here. He is already blessing us so much!