As I last left it, we were feeling fairly doubtful about whether Cristian would be joining us this year. But there was one person who never wavered, even when the rest of us did: PeeWee.

I would say, "take this to your room."
And he would respond, "you mean mine and Cristian's room."
"Yes, maybe!" I'd reply, and silently pray that he wouldn't be disappointed if Cristian didn't come.
"Not maybe. Yes."  That was his reply each and every time when it came to Cristian, and I began to pray for his faith - the faith of a child.

Tuesday morning came. It was time for Cristian's final visa attempt. Wade left the house at 5am to pick him up in Mexico and travel an hour more to the consulate. I took PeeWee to school and we prayed that Cristian would be coming back to us tonight. He said he would have his class pray as well. He mentioned how he wished he could know but would have to wait for school to get out.

I got home at 8:30. Exactly the time of Cristian's scheduled appointment. I started my petitions for prayer on Facebook and Instagram and continued to beg God for a yes.  My phone rang at 8:35 and I saw Wade's phone number. Not unexpected. He would be waiting at least an hour in the car before he heard anything.

"Hey babe! How's it going?" I answered.
But it wasn't Wade's voice on the other end of the phone.  "Kerrie? Soy Cristian. Si!!"
In less than 5 minutes Cristian had been given a yes! He was finally going to get his visa after 4 appointments and a lot of tears and frustration.

Obviously, I cried! Finally! It was such a relief to know we wouldn't be continuing on with this adventure without him. 

I called the school and they allowed me to come up and tell PeeWee the good news (good thing, too, because I forgot to pack his lunch that morning!)  You can see his reaction here. It was perfect :)

After school we did homework, baked cookies, ordered pizza and invited over fellow missionaries who know and love Cristian so that we could welcome him with a big celebration. PeeWee was dying for them to arrive! He kept going to the window to look out and picking up my phone to call Wade or see if we had any new text messages from him. This may be my favorite photo EVER on the face of the planet.

He finally did arrive and now both boys are currently in class. I've been nervous all day but also so so thankful. I can't wait to hear about his day, hoping that he made some friends and had a good time.  But until then, I leave us with a photo of our first day all together in the states! As I said to my husband last night before bed, welcome to full time ministry!