We've officially had the boys for 1 month and 10 days now. These past forty days have been such a blessing. Even today, as I stood on stage to lead worship I began to reflect on our lives now - things like sitting around the table for dinner, soccer practice and night-time prayers - and I, again, thanked Jesus for blessing us so much. I'm so incredibly thankful to God for the opportunity to join the boys' parents in raising them up into adulthood. 

We are having so much fun exposing them to the fun things our country has to offer (i.e.: paintball, field trips to the zoo, and tonight we're hitting up the county fair!) as well as gleaning the rewards of taking them to church, reading the Jesus storybook Bible together, and taking turns in our prayers.

Just this past Friday, the boys' school was taking a field trip to the zoo, and I volunteered to come along as a chaperone. The morning was a bit hectic as I was not only getting the boys ready for the day, but myself as well. My husband and I bumped each other in the kitchen, making sandwiches, breakfast and getting things together. I gathered arms fulls of things we "might need" and shooed everyone out of the house. Right as we were going out, I spilled my breakfast shake all over me. We were already leaving later than normal. I rushed upstairs to change, feeling frustrated.

When I came down, the boys and Wade offered to help me carry the load (I should have just asked them to begin with #stubborn) and we hurried into the car. I barely said goodbye to Wade and was letting the chaos get to me. When the doors shut and the seat belts clicked into place, PeeWee spoke up from the backseat.

"Gracias Dios por esté dia." (Thank you God for this day.)

I stopped, turned around and thanked him for reminding me what's important - Who is important. I called Wade and apologized for my attitude and prayed to God for me to come into this day with spirit of ease and peace, thanking Him for using PeeWee to speak gospel into my life.

You see, PeeWee doesn't come from a solid believing family, so for him to say that was huge. He's getting it. Even though we don't speak the same language, God is helping him understand. We are praying and looking forward with expectant hope for the day when both boys will come into a full understanding of the gospel and we pray that we will be able to witness the day they become our brothers in Christ. We believe that will happen and that God is going to use them to impact both their families and their community.

This was a little different than the other posts in my 31 Day Writing series on Life on a Mission, but this is how we, personally, are living our lives on a mission right now. Your story will look different. Your journey is unique. But the foundation for all believers is the same. The goal is the same: use your life to make His name great. Let the gospel lead you. Be willing to sacrifice and be quick to give Him praise.