Just over 5 years ago, I stood crying outside a beauty shop while a torrential downpour messed up my freshly curled hair. It was my wedding day and the outdoor garden wedding I'd been dreaming of was obviously not going to happen. These girls (any many people who aren't pictured, including my amazing husband) rallied around me to make my day beautiful and special inspire of the dark clouds overhead.

As a bridesmaid, it's your job to make the bride feel beautiful and loved. Its your job to celebrate her and lift her up above yourself. And its the same for us as the body of Christ, living in community with one another.

Far too often, our actions spring up from comparison when they should be led by compassion and genuine care. This isn't a competition. It's a team sport. Take some time this week to encourage someone, be it a friend, family member or a stranger. Write a note or give a little public praise (depending on the recipients personality.) Be a listening ear instead of waiting to tell your story.

What's one way you can "be a bridesmaid" to the people around you this week?