I remember we were sitting at a church valentines day banquet, I think it may have been the year we went with the 80's theme - big hair, sequenced off-the-shoulder dress for me, bright t-shirt and a rat-tail for him - when we were challenged by one of our pastors to "out-serve" our spouses. Wade and I, no strangers to competition, looked at each other right away. Challenge accepted. And I was gonna WIN.

Except I so don't win. He does, every time. I think about that challenge a lot. When my husband gladly gets out of bed to run downstairs to fetch me a glass of water, I feel so loved. When I'm cleaning the house, I feel excited for him to come home to a welcoming space. When he goes to work each day and allows me to stay home, I feel so taken care of. When I cook dinner, his Mmms and Yums put a huge smile on my face. 

I guess you could say acts of service is one of my Love Languages. It's important to know how to love your spouse in a way that they desire to receive it. 

Another love language of mine is quality time. Wade shares this love language as well and we often feel super connected over a delicious meal out, just the two of us.

Words of affirmation is another love language (we can all identify with them each, to a degree) and one way I like to express love to my husband is through public Marriage Letters on my blog. I love writing them and he loves reading them. But y'all, you should see his Facebook posts - they are almost always doting on me and often leave me speechless. 

Have you ever taken the Love Language assessment? Click here to try it out and ask your husband to do it as well! Make it a competition to out-serve one another or to take turns coming up with fun dates, praise each other publicly! Your marriage is a gift, one to be treasured and adored. God gave you your spouse as a person to serve and love and live the gospel with. Let's start today!


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