Before I even talk about being present, I should preface with the truth: I'm terrible at this!

I think the key to being present is having a good schedule and setting priorities. Make a list of things that require (or you'd like to give) your attention and order them in importance.

Time with God

Jenny Collier shared a great schedule that works for her family over at the Day Designer blog that really inspired me to get back on track. I find that when I don't make a general plan, my day get jumbled and time gets away from me and I end up trying to catch up on the days tasks late at night instead of spending that time with family.

For todays Weekly Challenge, sit down, grab pen and paper and make a list. Who/What requires your attention? Is that daily? Weekly? What are some things you'd like to make time for? Write up a mock schedule, and then make some moderations until it looks doable. Maybe you need to get up earlier or set strict hours at work.

The most important work we will ever do is being there for the people around us. Look the kids in the eyes while they're talking. Cuddle with your spouse. Make time for lunch with your girlfriend. Decide to make that time only about the person in front of you and not about the mile-long-list of things left to do. The list will still be there tomorrow. I promise.


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