What are you passionate about?
What fires you up? What cause gets your heart beating?

Is it a social injustice? Maybe the poor, the persecuted, the abused, the fatherless?

Do you have a passion for the lost? To serve the church? Are you passionate for community? Do you have the gift of hospitality or teaching? Of discernment or wisdom?

Maybe you don't know. Many of us don't.  As todays Weekly Challenge, I want to encourage you to spend some time discovering your passion. God often gives us these passions to be used for His purpose.

Make a list of things you enjoy or skills you have. Cooking, cleaning (I'm sure someone out there does!) organizing, conversating, singing, playing an instrument, public speaking, manual labor, gardening, etc.

Assess your Spiritual gifts. I took this quiz recently but there are a ton of them out there. (I love a good assessment quiz, don't you?)

Ask God how the two can work together in a way that glorifies Him/serves others.  For instance, if you love to host or cook, you could regularly invite people into your home for a free meal and a listening ear. If you love kids and have a knack for teaching, maybe you should volunteer in your church's children's ministry and teach the gospel to the next generation. If you love new cultures and faith is your spiritual gift, I'd definitely recommend you explore long-term missions. Are you skilled at crafts or design or maybe jewelry making and have a heart for the abused or the orphan? Use your skill to benefit and bring awareness to a specific cause!

Do it! Ask your church leaders how you can serve in an area you feel passionate about. Write it on your calendar that you're going to actively seek out one family a month to invite for dinner. Gather a group of people and start a community garden! Get creative, dream big, be small.  < --- another reminder to keep it about Him and not make it about us!


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