I was driving the boys to school the other morning and we were talking about the blood moon that had been visible the night before. We didn't see it, but I pulled up a photo on my phone to show them what it looked like. I started to think about how that type of moon is often cited as a sign of the return of Christ. It hit me like a ton of bricks. When was the last time I thought about His return? Like, really thought about it?

All this time I've been focusing on today - how can I serve Him today - but somehow forgot to do so with a forward focus. I've let the hope of Heaven slip to my periphery instead of letting it guide and lead me every day. I don't want to lose the anticipation and excitement that comes from knowing He is coming back for me. And I don't want to lose the urgency that comes with that truth either. It's that truth that drives me to share the gospel. It's not about just living a life of charity. It's about living a life that bleeds the gospel. That talks about Jesus. That spreads hope. Real hope. Not just the temporal comforts. Hope in Him. Hope that He will come back for His people. Hope that we will be fully restored.

Do you have that Hope? Do you have that forward focus? Do you think about His return? How does it make you feel? Scared? Pumped? Indifferent?