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"Follow Me." Sounds simple enough. But is it really?

How many of us have asked God, "What is Your will for my life? What's my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?!" (It's ok, you can raise your hand. No one can see you.)

Wonder. Worry. Ignore. Repeat. All the while we're not actually doing anything.

In Matthew 4, we read the story of how Jesus chose His disciples. He didn't ask for a resume, he definitely did do a skill assessment. The application went something like this:

"Follow Me."
And then they did that.

They literally put down what they were doing and started following Him. And I don't mean just in their hearts. At this point they really didn't know anything about Jesus (and we see throughout first 5 books of the New Testament that it took them a REALLY long time to get it.) They actually started walking where He was walking. Step by step they went with Him. They blindly trusted Him.

Why do we feel the need to try to make it so much harder? I think the answer lies in who's glory we're actually chasing. If we are purely chasing His, why do we feel the need to be something GREAT or do this big giant amazing (*ahem* impressive) thing? Why do we feel like our mission field isn't good enough so we might as well not bother?

Unfortunately, we really like ourselves. (hand raised over here!) And that adoration for us makes it really easy to build our own kingdom and try to become the best us instead of trying to be our best depiction of Him.

"Somehow many have come to believe that a person can be a  ‘Christian’ without being like Christ. A ‘follower’ who doesn’t follow. How does that make sense?” - Multiply, Chan.

“This would be like Jesus walking up to those first disciples and saying, ‘Hey would you guys mind identifying yourselves with Me in some way? Don’t worry, I don’t actually care if you do anything I do or change your lifestyle at all. I’m just looking for people who are willing to say they believe in Me and call themselves Christians.’” - Mutliply, Chan.

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that's not what Christ had in mind, amen? So how bout we just start walking? How about we follow Him? It's a simple and life-changing as that.

Where are you walking today? To the grocery store or maybe to work? Follow Him there. Open your eyes to the people around you and do what the disciples would do. Minister, share, be kind? The options are endless.


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