Last night I received a comment on this post with a link to a video. The comment was from Michelle. I don't know Michelle and she doesn't know me, but I do know, from her comment, that she lives in Guatamala and watched this video in preparation for a couples Bible study group and that she thought of me and Wade when she watched it.

As I watched the video, I was overcome with emotion. There is an an incredible beauty when a couple uses their marriage on a mission to make much of Jesus and to serve His people because there is so much still to be done. There are hurting people all around us and far too often I look the other way. I choose my cozy little comforts instead of letting their mess get on me.

I highly encourage you to watch this video. I'm glad I did.

You and Me Forever from You and Me Forever on Vimeo.

“If married people want to know how to be missional, there are about 3,000 verses in the bible about injustice. Pick one and build your life around it."

"God, You made me, You created us, and You put us together. And what we decided to do with that is to get comfortable.”

Here's the thing. This doesn't just go for the ones who are married. Equally imagine yourself standing before God as a single as saying, "God. You created me. You gave me life and opportunity and I used it to make a name for myself and provide myself with beautiful things."  

Feels ugly doesn't it? It feels wrong. Instead, I want to stand before Him and put out empty hands saying, "I gave it all away. I did it for you. It was hard and messy and so totally worth it."


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