Now that we've got the boys with us going to school stateside, we are left with only the weekends to spend quality time in Mexico with their families and the others in our colonia. It can be difficult to fit into one day what we used to do in half a week. Wade being the "doctor" and the mission home being a hub of constant activity and the kids each wanting our attention, a day can pass by quickly, without taking the time to really savor the moments.

Today my little friend Melisa came to visit from another part of the colonia. She never comes empty-handed. Each and every time she comes to visit, she brings me flowers from the road. As she handed me the tiny bouquet, I stopped, struck by their delicate beauty and soaked in the moment. I hugged her tightly and meant it when I said they were the most beautiful flowers. My heart was moved, knowing she thought about our meeting in advance. That she prepared for it and looked forward to it.

What little things can we do this week to show others that we love them? What treasures can we prepare for our King? An open heart? A listening ear? Reverence and honor? Give thanks. Be present. Soak it in. Savor.