Every once in a while I join the popular instagram hashtag #fridaysintroductions where 'grammers re-introduce themselves and answer a prompt question. Several weeks ago, the question was, "what's a way you love on others?"

I listed two (I'm a cheater like that): Cooking and Keeping Commitments.

The first, I actually like doing; the second is a bit more of a challenge for me. But I find keeping commitments to be a really strong way to show love and to let others know they are important to you.

Let me say, there are plenty of times when I cancel - be it for sickness or to keep my priorities in order - but there are also many times when I just don't wanna (fill in the blank) but do I it anyways. (Like laundry.) Why? Because I said I would. You can thank my husband for that one. He is a commitment champion. Me, not so much. I find his commitment to keeping his word so honorable that I want to be like that too.

**Can I be super honest and say that this striving to stick to my commitments is what prompted me to write this post tonight? Can I tell you that I've been sick all weekend and just wanted to let this day slip by? But I'm glad I didn't. I committed to writing for 31 days. It's a challenge. It takes discipline. And I'm so glad I did it because YOU reader are important to me. Living "Life on a Mission" is important to me. And more importantly because YOU are important to God and living your life for His glory is His greatest desire. We're 1/3 through this 31 day series and there is so much more to be done. Let's run the race. Let's not tire out. Let's finish well. 


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