There is something about gathering around the table (be in in your home or a local coffee shop) that builds friendship. The sharing of food and life is a beautiful combination. I love to have people over for dinner or to go out to eat with a girlfriend for lunch. When too much time passes without it, I start to feel a disconnect from that community.

But making time to gather can be hard. Somehow all twenty-four hours of the day have an assignment, as do all seven-days of the week. It's much quicker and easier to grab a coffee in the drive-thru or put off inviting that couple until the next month... ok maybe the next one...

I'm super guilty of just waiting to be invited instead of making a plan, calling a friend, and inviting them to join me. It's a combination of intimidation and plain old laziness.

But Jesus was a gatherer. When he met Zacheus (that wee little man) He joined him in his home. Many times, He sat reclined around the table with his people and broke bread. He ministered at the table. He talked at the table. He ate and He listened. Relationships were formed and bonds were made stronger.

So, that's this week's challenge: to Gather. Be it with a friend for lunch or inviting a family into your home, make the time and effort to sit around the table with others and have real, face-to-face conversation about the gospel and about life.