If you're anything like me, you might be tempted to think of living Life on a Mission as all work and no play. Maybe you wouldn't come out and say that, but maybe you feel it, deep down - a striving to make sure and do enough, to log the hours.

Sacrifice. Servitude. Selflessness.

It's all a part of life on a mission. But so is having FUN. Living our lives on a mission to make His name known and to chase after Him is fun! God wants good things for His children. He wants you to enjoy this life!

Having the boys in our home is amazing. But it's also very regimented (school, homework, dinner, sometimes more homework, play, bed, repeat) so we actively try to fit in something fun once a week, whether it be an evening in the park or a day at the fair or renting a movie.

They call it margin. White space. In your journey to live your life on a mission, leave room for laughter and joy because living for Him is the most joyful thing you could be doing!