Below you will find an excerpt from a post I wrote this summer about using your online influence for the sake of the gospel. To read the complete post (it's a long one!) click here.

According to The Cultureist, more than 2,405,518,376 people use the internet with 8 new people starting to use the internet EVERY SECOND.

In Matthew 28:19-20, we see that Jesus instructs his disciples to go into the world and make disciples. Would you look again at that number above? The field is FULL!  Like my friend Cassidy once said, the internet is like it's own continent. And it's true! 


"At the rate of it's current growth, the web will inevitably become an integral part of everyday life in which you can either utilize to your advantage or deprive yourself of immense opportunity." 

I'm fairly certain the author of this quote didn't do so with a gospel intention, but I can't help but see the gospel call all over that sentence. The internet is a place where you can either utilize your influence in way that makes much of Jesus, or you can deprive yourself of an incredible opportunity to do so. 

So, how can we make much of Jesus online?

for ideas on how to live our lives on a mission, online, please visit my original post by CLICKING HERE.