Some days, you wake up with a crick in your neck and you get dressed anyways. You go downstairs to realize the boys forgot their school books and mentally add a 40 minute round trip drive into your morning. You leave the house, stop by the school, talk to the teacher about an "incident" that happened last week, get back in your car and continue on your "mission" - a little more flustered than you had been an hour ago. On the drive to your destination, you realize you forgot to do that important errand yesterday that you're not sure how you're going to get done if you choose to do the missional thing you were going to do today. You call your husband to come up with a workable solution and move on. Kind of. You stop for gas, because you just realized the truck is close to empty.  But it's not until you pull into the gas station (20 minutes from home) that you realize you don't even have your wallet. You check your pockets (good thing you wore the same jeans you wore yesterday) and see that you have $13. You need $5 to cross the Mexico border (you might have guessed at this point that I'm talking about MY morning) so that leaves you with $8 for gas and a drink if you get thirsty later. You call hubby again in a mild freakout. He gives good advice (not that you want to hear it at this point!) and you ask the cashier to please put $5 on #3. It's not even enough for two gallons. One and a half, at best. You start the truck and head to the border. You're so close. Literally inches from the barricade when you realize you didn't bring the keys you need when you GET there. Another call to the husband. I WANNA GO HOME! IF  THIS MORNING IS ANY INDICATION, IT'S GOING TO BE A HORRIBLE DAY!  Husband is feeling really bad for you (and slightly worried for your mental well-being.)  You cross anyways, deciding to just break in through the window if you have to. 

You get to Mexico, work on a project that has been a dream for a while, and watch it magically become a reality. Today, we finally opened the thrift store we've been working on for several months. It was the dream of one of the women who come regularly to serve to open this store for one of the women in the colonia to work in. When Wade raised money build a new home for Janette, we moved her old home and made plans to turn it into the store. All summer we worked in this little house, sorting donations, and finally today everything found a place.

We planned to open on Saturday, but the people came early! We let them in and before my eyes, Janette became a business woman. She gets to keep whatever she brings in from the store (now maintaining an income for her family) while the people in the colonia have a place to purchase good quality clothes at an affordable price without having to travel to town (and spending money on a bus!) Everyone was so excited. Men, women, children, and even dogs came by to visit the shop ;) 

In the middle of the busy activity, I stopped and thought, what if I had given in? What if I had just gone home and consoled myself with back to back episodes of Parenthood, nice and safe in my living room with my pup by my side? Maybe the store would have opened, but I know that team work makes things happen more efficiently and I was part of that team today. And I know for sure that I would have missed out on a huge blessing.