I truly can't believe we have less than a week left in this 31 day series on Life on a Mission. If you've missed a few posts or are just joining in, CLICK HERE and you'll see a full list of the topics we've covered so far.

This 31 day challenge has been exactly that: a challenge; not only a challenge to make the time and keep the commitment of writing every day, but I have been personally challenged by God with ways I can do better to live my life for Him. (Be Present and Let's Gather are kicking my tail!)

I just returned from a women's conference with my church and something that struck me was the diversity in what it looks like to serve the Kingdom and how our service and gifts change, seasons to season. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and unique life-places shared their struggles, their callings, their gifts, and tons of wise council. Each and every woman had a different story yet shared the author. They were walking different paths, headed to the same destination.

The call for us all is to make His Name great. To live our lives on a mission to serve Him and His people. If I learned one thing this weekend about how we can live our lives on a mission, right now, right where you are it's this:

The possibilities are endless.