Two days ago I wrote a post titled: Life On a Mission: Some days I just don't wanna. I talked about my horrible morning and how I almost let it keep me from experience something pretty amazing. Several of you came alongside me in agreement that you've been there and that the post came at just the right time and that totally blessed me. Cause y'all, that morning was rough. I'm so thankful so much good came from it.

I want to continue along with caution, making note to say that taking time for yourself is NOT a bad thing. It's not the opposite of living life on a mission; and it doesn't mean that you will miss out on some big awesome God moment. In fact, God may want to speak to you in the quiet stillness that taking pause can provide.

Self-Care has become somewhat of a buzzword in the blogging community, and can I be honest that it gives me a bit of a tick? But, I really can't think of a better way to say it, so I'm jumping on the "self-care" train and telling you: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

It's going to be really hard (and likely fruitless) if you try to live your life on a mission to serve others but don't take care of yourself. We all need a little time to ourselves. We need to be filled up so we can pour out to others.

How do you refill? Time in the Word (highly recommended!), yoga, running (not for me...), sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee or a good book, and eating well are all great ways to recharge a bit.

So, to help us get started, I thought I'd share a super healthy and super comfort-foodie recipe to start off your weekend. A friend made these for a group of us several months back and a few weeks ago I made them for myself and the boys. THEY LOVED THEM. Super easy, super quick, and super healthy. Can't beat that!

almond butter

In a blender, combine two eggs for every one banana. Add a teaspoon (for two eggs/1 banana) of almond butter and blend.

Heat prepared skillet over medium heat.

Pour pancake mix slowly. (I suggest small/medium sized pancakes) 

Carefully flip pancake once browned on one side. 

Top with honey or eat on their own. They are even good cold!


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