Five years ago this November, I walked into a leper colony in the middle of a bustling Indian city. I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard of leprocy in the Bible, sure. But I'd never seen it first hand. When we asked the team leader what we'd be doing that day, his answer was simple. Touch. Hug. Connect.

What we encountered were people who had been made invisible, even though there were hundreds passing by on the street. As we reached out to shake hand with no fingers, or touch a shoulder or embrace in a hug, something happened. They were seen. They were loved. They were accepted. And so were we.

Jesus reached out and touched the untouchables of His time: the greedy, the promiscuous, the smelly and the sick. His touch brought healing, both physical and emotional. And He did the same for me.

Who is He calling you to reach out to today?