This past weekend I attended the Logos Ladies Retreat, a weekend at the beach with women from both campuses of our church, Logos Community. The heartbeat of the conference was this idea that we are ONE body of Christ, united in our differences, joined in love for our Savior. Together we work to make His name great as we serve the Church as well as the lost.

Through sessions, breakouts, and one-on-one conversations, we identified ourselves with one of four parts of the body: Head, Heart, Hands and Feet. We learned about women like Naomi and Ruth, Martha and Mary, and some lesser known ladies like Jael (now that's a girl who's not afraid to get things done!)

Through their stories we found kindred spirits (I, myself, can really relate to Martha -- "excuse me Jesus, but could you please tell my sister TO GET IN HERE AND HELP ME COOK ALREADY?!"

While God has made us all unique as parts of the same Body, gifting us all differently, we must be on guard, checking our motives and making sure we are using our God-given character to worship God and love people. The minute we turn our gifts inward, things get messy and all out of whack. Jesus had to calmly remind Martha, "Martha. Martha. What's most important, over all, what matters more? A perfectly clean kitchen? Or time with Me?"

Not sure what part of the body you are? Neither were a lot of us! In fact, many women thought they were one part, but at the end of the weekend came to find out that maybe they were actually a different part altogether.

The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. 
So it is with the body of Christ. 
1 Corinthians 12:12

HEAD | Are you a planner? A list maker? Would you consider yourself a person of action, always coming up with a solution and running all possible scenarios through your mind? Do you get caught up on everything turning out perfectly? Do you feel like a failure when they don't? You might be a Head. The positives are that you're not afraid to take leadership. You can be relied on to follow through. When you're focused on a task, you don't get distracted easily. You're a finisher. The struggles you might face are that you might be indecisive if you can't land on a perfect solution to a problem. You might be your own worst critic (amen?)

HEART | Can you sit and listen to a friend for hours on end? Do you cry when they cry? Do you cry when their happy? When someone else is going through something, do you feel it too? Maybe you're good with follow up questions, always wanting to know more about someone else. You probably notice the person who is feeling a little lost or alone and you feel compassion on them. Others feel heard and loved when they are with you. You're a heart. Some things to look out for: You might be tempted to let your emotions rule you. You might hold on to hurts for far longer than you should. You may even find that not that many people know anything about YOU in that you always shift the conversation to the other person.

HANDS | You're the get-it-done girl. Someone gives you a task, and you will see it through. You jump right in and don't need a lot of direction. You've got this thing! You most likely have the gift of service, not needing recognition in that you gain satisfaction in seeing the finished product. You probably pull people in to help. A team player. But you might also struggle to let anyone serve you. Maybe you tend to get worn out and irritable. Or, if you're anything like me, start to treat family members like employees. (Ouch. That hurts to say out loud.)

FEET | The dreamers and the schemers. You're the idea person. The body needs you because you keep it moving forward with your ideas. You're always looking ahead. You think outside of the box. But do you find yourself getting distracted easily? Are you easily led from one idea to the other without seeing it through? Interestingly enough, this is typically the smallest group when you divide a room full of people by their place in the body.

What's beautiful is that, while on our own we may face struggles with our particular character traits, when we work together we are perfectly fit to hold one another up. Heads take the dreams of the Feet and make a plan, while the Hands set to work accomplishing the task, and all the while the Heart is keeping us grounded and reminding us to stay focused on God and His people! Head, Hearth, Hands and Feet. We are the body. No one part is more important or less vital. We need each other.

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