Last weekend at the Influence Conference, Jess Connolly was sharing a story about how she went running and was seeking the Lord's guidance for her message at the conference this year. While she ran, she heard God speak to her heart, "I hate your Kingdom."

"Wow, God." She said. "That's kind of harsh and abrupt, but if that's what you want me to tell them, then ok!"

"No. Jessie. I hate YOUR Kingdom." God responded.

As you can imagine, she was stopped in her tracks, as was I when she shared this story and I, too, realized that God hates my kingdom.

But, God, I moved to Mexico (the dangerous one! Hello!) and I write about Jesus-y stuff on my blog and I lead worship at my church and I share pretty pictures and talk about you on instagram...

Then she asked the question that really pricked my heart.  When you talk/share/sing about Jesus, is there a part of you (even a teeny tiny part) that's maybe hoping for a little praise? Man, she LOVES Jesus! She's so brave! You have the voice of an angel!

Can we do a quick gut check and get a little introspective for a moment? When I post pretty photos on instagram of my smiling family, or healthy dinner, my clean home or even my Bible on a blanket surrounded by beautiful flowers, am I doing that to bring praise and glory to Him? How about when I hit that high note in that really hard song? Am I doing it to make His name known? Sometimes, YES I am! And that's great! That's the goal! But sometimes I THINK I am, when really, maybe I'm not. Sometimes there's a part of me that loves the recognition, and it makes me feel physically ill to admit that.

I'm not saying pretty pictures or storytelling or going on a mission trip or singing at church are bad. They aren't.  They are good! Really good! They share the message and the gospel and encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same! In fact, many times God uses instragram to remind me to get in the Word that day. What I'm saying is that we must examine our intentions. We should be praying daily for our intentions to be lined up with His, led by Him, to bring Him glory!

That's the first step in living our "Lives on a Mission." We must check our foundation. We have to examine our drive. Who's behind it, before it, and all up in it? Who's kingdom are you building? Yours or His? I hope your answer is Jesus. Because when it's Him and not us, the gospel will be made known. So, let's start there. With a big 'ol uncomfortable heart check. Let's surrender, repent, and realign. And let's do that today. Because loving God IS living life on a mission -- a mission to give Him all the glory, and it starts at the heart.