This is always my favorite post of the year - My Year in Review.

JANUARY, for many people, brings change. It's one of the things I love most about the New Year. Although it's technically just another day, there is something about the turning of a year that brings a new drive and vision. For instance, this past January I opened my very own online print shop.  The print shop is actually still open but to be honest, this was one of those New Years business ventures that just didn't take off.  And you know, I'm ok with that. Not every idea has to be a great one. It's the dream chasing that helps us discover what we are and aren't passionate about.

FEBRUARY was spent mostly in Mexico, which is always wonderful. The "Paola project" was completed this month and we got to celebrate the wedding of two friends. Wade was even asked to walk the bride down the aisle. Oh, and lets not forget when Wade threatened me if I didn't take my blogging a little more seriously!

In MARCH I worked on my fitness (I should really consider doing that again) and had such a blast leading worship for the Valley United Conference. Then.. tragedy struck... I got lice. What a month, indeed!

APRIL was amazing, as is any time we get to see our adorable nieces! We took a trip to Oregon this month and also hosted family in Mexico. I wrote one of my favorite posts this month, listing 5 Good Reasons to be Interruptible.

In MAY we continued our travel and family time with a quick trip to North Carolina. Our families spanned 5 states in 2014, six when you count us! Wade and I also celebrated an incredible FIVE YEARS OF MARRIAGE with a trip to San Antonio which totally surprised me by becoming one of my favorite American cities. Another huge moment for me was recording a song for the very first time. Listen here!

This photo from JUNE makes me so happy :) God has blessed me with such a great community in the Logos Community Band (Once Prodigals) and getting to tour around Austin for the first time with a bunch of musicians was so much fun.  I wrote a post to all the Christian bloggers out there this month as well. I needed to read it as much as I needed to write it.

JULY is when things started turning in our lives. We started the summer with a Mexico graduation and enjoyed some rest, which turned out to be really smart because we had NO IDEA what was coming in August.

Besides getting our adorable puppy, Osa, AUGUST changed everything. In August, God led us to what became quite the journey of bringing two boys from Mexico into our home to study in the United States. August was hard. It was full of tears and stress and a lot of unanswered questions.

SEPTEMBER was the sigh of relief after a very hard month. Finally, both boys were here (!!!) and starting school. We were now a 4-person family. Just a few weeks later I was off to my 3rd annual Influence Conference (If you've been thinking of attending, DO IT. I have loved every single year and it keeps getting better and better.)

In OCTOBER I did the unthinkable - I blogged for 31 days straight! It was hard. But it was also great. I loved the challenge and it felt great to complete it. I wrote on living Life on a Mission. For a complete list of topics, click here.

NOVEMBER was full and fun and a little unexpected. I didn't blog a single word all month (I think I ran out after October's 31 day challenge!) There was a slight complication with the boys' paperwork this month which prohibited them from being able to cross back and forth across the border. This meant they had to stay with us and weren't able to see there families for 7 weeks. I hated that for them. They took it well and we all decided to just squeeze as much fun into our time together as possible but I know they missed their parents and vise-a-versa. The boys got to celebrate their first American thanksgiving and (after I forced them to give the new foods a try) they loved it ;) In early December I did end up writing about our month and what this time with the boys taught me about perspective.

DECEMBER has been so fun. I loved experiencing our holidays with the boys added into the mix. I forced some fun family activities that of course everyone ended up enjoying. I fell in love with cheap garland this year (holiday house tour can be found here!) And actually we haven't even done the present part of Christmas yet so we still have holiday fun to look forward to! We are waiting until the boys return from Christmas break and I'm not complaining that I get to keep my tree up a tad longer.

2015 is near and I know something will be changing, but I'm not sure what yet. I know it involves my online presence and I feel God is going to take it in a new direction but the clarity just isn't there yet. I'm not shutting down my blog (I don't think!) but I do think I'll be here with less frequency. I feel a pull toward insta-blogging (find me on instagram!) and would love to grow in photography, specifically stock photography. But more on all that later. I hope that you're new year brings fresh inspiration and a renewed zeal to be a voice calling in the desert, "make way for the Lord's coming!" That's my prayer, both online and off. Happy New Year!

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