I've always heard that having a birthday around Christmas was less than desirable because people tend to lump your gifts in or maybe forget altogether.  Well, this was our first time to have a family member, in house, with a holiday birthday. One of our boys was lucky enough to be born on the 1st day of the year, which also fell during Christmas break. The boys go back to Mexico on school holidays and so we didn't get to celebrate with him on his actual birthday. I didn't want him to feel left out, especially when Peewees birthday rolls around (a few days before Valentines day - what's with the holiday births?) so I threw together a super last minute Hobbit themed birthday dinner for us to celebrate together. By last minute, I mean 24 hours in advance. All of my best ideas come when it's almost too late ;)

I'm fairly certain I made a mistake with the "Lembus Bread Tamales" reference. Apparently that's actually from The Lord of the Rings. Oops! The tamales worked though because, from what I hear, Lembus bread is wrapped in a leaf (check!) and one bite will fill you up (check!) I partnered that with some "Dragon's Gold Cupcakes" on top of a cake-plate-mountain, threw in a forest with some left over Christmas trees and a few forest animals, and scatter some chocolate gold coins along the "journey." I set out some rootbeers (it felt like something dwarves would enjoy) and done. One Hobbit themed dinner is served.

For the cupcakes, I used my most FAVORITE chocolate cupcake recipe on the planet (click here, now!) and sprinkled the icing with some edible gold glitter, gold sprinkles and added little gold bands from the wedding section at my local Hobby store. Unfortunately, I forgot about the candles and the only ones I had in the house were pink! Sorry Crisitan! (good think teenage boys think pink is cool)

Happy Birthday Cristian! 
We are so thankful to be a part of your story!