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Mario Kart Birthday Tournament

Looking for a fun birthday party theme with a little nostalgia mixed in? While the boys are totally obsessed with video games, there is only one that truly captures my attention: Mario.  It's a classic. And with Mario Kart, four kids can play at a time so we set up a little Mario Kart tournament (complete with a prize for the ultimate racer!) and threw together some fun mario themed treats. Let's be real: the party planning is really for me.  I love love love a good theme. 

Feel free to pin some ideas and click around for resources!


Tips & Inspiration:

I found these cupcake liners at Hobby Lobby and instantly saw them as Mario Piranha Plants. Also, this was about as easy as it gets. I used box cake and followed

this recipe for my favorite icing

! I always use an icing tip to ice my cupcakes to make them look a little more professional. I topped them with Mario Figurines which I found


 and they easily doubled as a party favor for the kids to take home! They were a great price and great quality. During cleanup I kept finding cupcakes with little icing holes in the center where the kids had been more excited about the toys than the cake itself (hah!)


Tips & Inspiration:

Admittedly, these look much better from afar than they do up close. BUT, they were the most popular sweet treat of the party. Follow your regular rice krispie instructions and spread them out about 3/4 inch thick.  Once they are completely cooled, cut them into shapes with star and mustache shaped cookie cutters. Use cake pop sticks and foam planting blocks from Hobby Lobby for presentation. With the cake pop sticks inside the rice krispie treats, dip the treats into yellow and brown melting candies from the hobby store. Lay flat on parchment paper and pipe the star eyes with some left over chocolate (Pro Tip: use a small ziplock bag and snipped the corner a bit to make your own piping bag!)


Tips & Inspiration:

The party favors were my personal favorite! I found the template


and printed them on index thick cardstock.  Cut, fold, and tape (I taped on the outside because I knew I was going to fill the boxes with candy and they'd be ripped open anyways!)  Leave one end open or easy to open so you can put candy/toys inside the boxes and so the kids can get the goodies out and keep the box in tact if they want to.

Plates and napkins

from Amazon

Table cloth and banners from Hobby Lobby

And a few photos from the party because as much as I love the decor, I love the company even more ;)

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